trio Gelflex seal 334

Trio Gelflex sheet metal sealant seal 334 (gray, white, black)


Spray Zinc coat 25280 Gelson Zincante Spray 400 ml

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CFG Laminator 400ml



Plasticizer protective coating Suitable for printed circuits, paper, wood, metal fabrics

Transparent acrylic varnish of crystalline clarity. It forms an acrylic polymer film, resistant to mechanical actions, chemicals and chemicals. Waterproofing, adherent, long lasting, sealing, resistant, flexible, anticorrosive. • Insulates and protects PCB printed circuits from humidity and environmental attacks and against electrical losses and short circuits. • Adheres very well to metals. It protects them from the oxidation of atmospheric agents, maintaining their original appearance. • Preserves the brilliance of polished metals and protects them from corrosion. Also suitable for protecting ornaments, ceramics, wooden and plastic artifacts, from mold, condensation and ditching. • Adheres to any surface (metals, wood, paper, plastic, fabrics, etc.) as long as it is clean and dry. In any case, check in advance the compatibility with pre-existing paints and inks.


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