Gelson Protective Polyurethane 2063

Gelson Protective polyurethane BROWN LT1 20364


Gelson Protective STRAW LT1 20360

Protective Polyurethane Gelson


Product of exceptional resistance, it seals, soundproofs and protects all the lower, front, rear and internal parts of the bodywork from corrosion and stone hits. When applied to external parts of the car (side, front and under-wheel strips) it allows to faithfully restore the various skins to blend. SIDE SCUDEX can be applied directly on bare sheet metal or fiberglass without any primer, or with epoxy primer for galvanized sheet or aluminum (for sheet metal treatments it is advisable to follow any particular manufacturer’s instructions). Thanks to the high dry residue, any thickness can be obtained in a single coat – minimum recommended thickness 150/200 microns.


3 + 1 (3 parts of product + 1 part of catalyst by weight).
It is important to respect the catalyst product ratio as supplied.
Mix the two components thoroughly.

15-20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature.

With gun cod. 85440 and “disposable” nozzles 85441 for the 750 g packs and 85442 for the 375 g packs.
It is advisable to equip the 85440 gun with an air cock or a pressure regulator to obtain the various effects. For the solo
SIDE SCUDEX series 3, cod. 20755, application with a gravity gun, nozzle Ø 1.9 – 2.2 is recommended to reproduce the original peel.


The product is ready to use.

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